Saturday, July 15, 2017

My first machine embroidery project

Many, many years ago, my eldest sister taught me to embroider on our vintage sewing machine.But since the machine was not in a good condition, I couldn’t really finish any projects.After many broken needles and thread, I finally gave up.Recently, I got my sewing machine serviced and decided to give machine embroidery one more try.I was surprised at the result.All these years, the problem was not me not knowing how to embroider but the machine itself.I was so excited that I decided to embroider a yoke pattern for my new kurti.

The yoke pattern is from this book.

My first machine embroidery project!It’s not perfect but I’m satisfied.

Embellished with stones.

The finished kurti.

I didn’t record the embroidery process but in the video below you can learn how to stitch a round yoke kurti/dress perfectly.I’m planning to publish machine embroidery videos soon.


  1. This looks so lovely! So good you decided to give it another try!

  2. Beautiful embroidery, I really liked the embroidered Kurti you shared. All the best, hope you will do your best for your future projects.